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    Default Grapple for new style deere loader ??

    Has anyone mounted an grapple on the new deere loaders yet? I am looking to install one this winter and am looking for ideas or better yet if some one alreadys makes one to purchase.
    I would preferr not to mount the grapple to the loader bucket so I can change buckets and etc.

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    Default Re: Grapple for new style deere loader ??

    Welcome to TBN Wippster.
    There are two popular grapples for brush and roots.
    Hydraulic Grapple Rakes - Anbo Manufacturing, Inc.
    W.R.Long the 4N1 Bucket People

    There also have been lots of pics here on TBN about then and other styles. Do a search for "grapple" for lots of reading.

    You could also try posting your question the the "attachments" section so more people will see it.
    Even though your loader style is new, it uses the same style mounting as the old series loaders, and you can also get adapters to use skid steer attachments for even more choices.

    A brief description of what you want to do with your grapple will help us also...

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    Default Re: Grapple for new style deere loader ??

    I got a Wikco grapple for my 300CX 3320- Grapple
    With quick connect hydraulic fittings it goes on and off with two hitch pins. steve

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