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    john deere 790 2 wd

    Default John Deere 790

    I have just purchased a 2001 790 2 wd from the local dealer. The tractor has 315 hours on it. The dealer said the previous owner bought the unit new from him, used it exclusively for rototilling and traded it in because he wanted one of the newer models with a newfangled transmission that is easier to till with.

    I am getting ready to retire and last used a tractor (red belly Ford) in the sixties. I was told that the power of the 790 is about equal to the red belly but the Deere is lighter weight. I have a 5 ft disk, a two bottom plow and a one row cultivator that I inherited. I also have a Woods 5 ft tiller.

    I had the dealer put fluid in the rear tires. the area I will be using the tractor is mostly level with probably 1/2 to one acrea that is 5 or six degrees slope. We used the redbelly on the sloped area without problem.

    Total field size is about 10-12 acres and will be used for truck gardens.

    Will I need to add additional weight to the front?

    Is there any thing specific I need to watch for?

    Any advice or information would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: John Deere 790

    I would consider weights for the slope. I had a 790 MFD that would get really light on the frontend when I climbed hills with my JD 506 bush hog.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: John Deere 790

    You might find the tractor runs out of traction before power...especially with the larger implements.
    You don't mention the type of tires on the machine, however since the previous owner used it for tilling, I'd wager you have Ag tires on it. They would be your best bet for the work you describe.
    Front weights from a dealer are going to cost you about a buck per pound plus about $140 for a front weight kit (don't know what all's included with the kit). I wouldn't go for front weights yet...see if you need them first.
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    Default Re: John Deere 790

    I can feel the front end of my 790 get light even with a FEL up front when going up hills. You can try first without weights, but be prepared to add weights. Roys pricing is right. They run about $40 for a 40# weight. The suitcase handle design makes them very easy to move around.

    I use my weights on a boxblade. I hang them on the sides as needed. If you hang 3-5 of them on one side only, tilt the boxblade and lower the rippers on one side only, you can really dig an angled ditch quickly.
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