I've been looking for a LA for a few years now. A 1941 LA was the first tractor my daddy bought. It was the first one I ever drove also. In the late 60's, dad let a slick talker talk him into selling the tractor. I remember crying as he pulled it out of our driveway. Dad told me later he regretted selling it before it left the driveway.

A few years ago I began trying to find dad's old LA. I called everyone in the local phone book with the last name of the guy who bought the tractor from dad but no one knew anything about it.

A couple of months ago I posted a "Want Ad" on Craigslist for a LA tractor and finally got a response. Went last Monday to see the tractor and bought it. It's not my dad's LA but close enough. My dad, in his 80's now, was very excited. I hope to have someone video him when I drive it up to his home next week.

An interesting side note; It came with a paper from John Deere that says the tractor, according to the serial number, was produced on 12-8-1941, the day after Pearl harbor was bombed.

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