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    Default Taking Air Cleaner Stack Off Hood

    I got the hood off my gas 3010, but had to take the air cleaner stack off with it. How does the top portion of the stack separate from the rest of the air cleaner ( or is mine just stuck by age). See attached photo.
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    Default Re: Taking Air Cleaner Stack Off Hood

    One just takes a dead-blow mallet or hammer and tap parts key #10 off of parts key #2
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    Default Re: Taking Air Cleaner Stack Off Hood

    Tx Jim, thanks for the help. The hood is off and ready for sandblasting, and also can now get to the selective control unit.
    In another post I talked about the hydraulics problem I'm having. The 3-point either won't work, works slowly, or when it does and I try to raise it, the front loader raises also. Separately, the engine will also load up and quit, and at the same time the power steering goes out.
    Do the power steering, the 3-point hydraulics, and the remote cylinder for the front loader all have the selective control valve as the common point? If the valve is bad or out of adjustment, will it cause the problems the tractor is having?
    Should I try adjusting the selective control valve before installing a repair kit (AR 34295)? Not sure what to do. Also, the service manual doesn't really tell how to adjust the selective control valve.
    thanks, Bob

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