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    Default John Deere 3010

    Hello, New member here. I have a 3010 gas I am working on and wondering what those who have this tractor have done to improve how it starts/runs? It seems a bear to start and fouls plugs regularly. Thanks ahead, Chris

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    If it fouls plugs it either has a mixture problem or a oil in the cylinder problem (rings/valve guides). Start with a compression test. You might also try a hotter range spark plug. I suspect if you fix the plug fouling you will improve the starting. A weak spark can also make for hard starting and fouled plugs. Does it still have points? If so go to your friendly local NAPA and convert it to solid state (no points). At least replace the points if they haven't been for awhile.

    Good luck and keep us posted as you go. You will get lots of help here. You might also try posting on one of the John Deere forums.

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    It's been awhile since I had a look at them but there should be a couple of blocks on the left side that can be positioned in two different ways, one way blocks exhaust heat to the intake and the other way directs exhaust heat to it. If you aren't working it fairly hard, it will run better with the blocks installed to heat the intake.

    I'd give more detail if I could remember but my 3010 is out on a friend's acreage and no way to have a look until who knows when?

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