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    Default 1952 John deere A

    I have a 52 JD A that has been in the family since then it runs and drives fine but at an idle it starts running faster then slows down and it continues up and down until it stalls or you speed it up with the throttle. Any ideas what this problem could be? Thanks

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    It could be a vacuum leak around the manifold, worn throttle shaft bushing at the carburetor, worn valve guides. Try spraying Wd-40 or carb cleaner around these areas while running and see if it makes a difference.

    I have seen a B doing exactly what your describing, though it did quit a short while after and wouldn't start.

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    it's hunting.

    that usually means a fuel issue, unless the gov is bad.

    ont he fuel issue.. it starts to starve out, gove over revs it.. then lets it die back.. when it starves again it goes all over again.. sets up an oscilation that we see as hunting.

    many times giving it more sustained throttle at the gov increases manifold vacume enough to pull fuel past a small obstruction.. etc.

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