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    Default John Deere 70 smoking question

    Well i think my rings or valves are going bad in the 70.

    I topped off the oil and coolant couple days ago and i noticed she has really started smoking. even at idle i can see light white smoke and when i throttle up or work the motor it smokes white until you load it down than it darkens also i'm getting little light splatters of oil on the hood from the exhaust. is there an easy way to figure out if the valves are leaking or if its the rings?

    I'm going to do a total rebuild restore but not for a few more years. the tractor runs perfect still starts right up and the power seems to be about the same.
    I used it for a couple hours this weekend so tonight i plan to add oil to it tonight and can report on how much oil it takes to get it back to full again.

    Also my son LOVES the 70. he calls it the Big putt putt.
    and for the safety police when hes on the seat for a ride i am going VERY slow and am not doing any loader work or pulling. I grew up riding on this same tractor with my dad and grandpa. he's Gen 4 to ride on it.

    Also the from the front picture its running and you can see the smoke from idle. and yes the tractor is in N breaks are locked. ha-ha.

    John Deere 70 smoking question-20130428_104230-jpgJohn Deere 70 smoking question-20130428_104241-jpgJohn Deere 70 smoking question-20130428_110111-jpg

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    Default Re: John Deere 70 smoking question

    Has to be rings or valve guides are getting bad.Have had a few of these two lungers apart over the years and a lot of them have condensation that pits the cylinders especially us Northerners with the extreeme heat changes we have.My 70 gas is finally going back together new engine and all.

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