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    Default 84 John Deere 210 vibration

    I have a vibration on my 1984 John Deere 210. It occurs when the PTO is engaged to the mower deck and it appears to be from the deck belt tension pulleys. Can definitely feel it in the seat. The main bolt that goes into the engine block is good and snug but the pulley bracket has some play at that location. Is there supposed to be some play in the pulley assembly (other than the movement for the tension spring pivot, etc.)? Is there supposed to be that much vibration at the tension pulleys?

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    Default Re: 84 John Deere 210 vibration

    Check your belts over real good, even the one on the deck itself, a bad spot in it will cause vibrations. Also, spin the pulleys and shake them, even the one's on the deck and make sure you don't have a bearing going out. Shouldn't be too much play there if you have it tightened up and all is in good shape.

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