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    Default I need advise on how to price a Model 70

    Please help!! I inherited a mid 1950's Model 70 tractor that is in need of several parts (because someone stoled them ). It appears to be in good shape otherwise. Someone is interested in buying it but I have no idea what it would be worth. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

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    Default Re: I need advise on how to price a Model 70


    What parts do you need?

    Look in the classified of Green Magazine for some great supplier's.

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    Default Re: I need advise on how to price a Model 70

    Do you have a pic of the 70 to post here? Hard to give any advice on what to expect once you get it up and running. Does it have power steering?

    Is it high crop, standard, LP, General Purpose (trike) ? Tires good?

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