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    Default LK3054, is this a fair deal ?

    1998 LK3054, 400 hrs., 30.5 hp, 8/8 with shuttle, Koyker 150 QA loader w/4 ft QA bucket, $8650.
    Is the price about right for this tractor ?
    Anyone know if the shuttle and 4 gears are synchronized ?
    And if it has a two stage clutch for the PTO ?

    Or, how about $16000 for a 2008 LK3054, 50 hrs., 30.5 hp., 8/8 shuttle, Kioti loader and Kioti backhoe ?

    Which would be the better deal ?

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    Default Re: LK3054, is this a fair deal ?

    If the tractor is clean and tight it's a decent deal not a smoken deal.
    They have a 2 stage clutch.
    Your primary gears are synchro but the shuttle is not.

    Do you need a backhoe?
    If not than it's not a good deal.
    I think before I spent that much on the 08LK I would look into a CK30.
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    Default Re: LK3054, is this a fair deal ?

    These tractors are not 30HP. I've got an '04 3054xs, and they are 28HP, and the '98 may be 26. Look at the data plate, located on the valve cover and note the gross HP, listed in KW(kilo-watts). Multiply this number by 1.341(the conversion factor for KW to HP) and you'll have the gross engine power in HP figures. If that data plate lists a gross rating of 20.9KW, it's 28HP;anything less than 20.9KW is, of course, less.
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    Default Re: LK3054, is this a fair deal ?

    I have a 1998 LK3054. I paid $8600 for it if I remeber correctly. It had 196 hrs on it when I got it. I have 260 on it now. It is nothing fancy but has done anything I have asked of it and been reliable.

    Two things I have noticed, the older LK's have a different type of power steering and the steering shaft sometimes hits my left foot making a hard left. Not a deal breaker by any means. Also tho older LKs do not have an inner foam air filter, just the outer paper element. When I took my paper filter out there was not a good airtight seal around the wingnut and dust was getting in. I sealed it with rubber and the tracter has been fine. Just something to watch for.

    I agree with wallace on the 08 LK, I would look for something more "modern" if I was spending that much.
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