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I am not familiar with the Kioti, but like art, would go with something like the L3540 over a 3200. I was going to buy a B3200 until I spent some time looking at it and comparing specs. I went with a 50 HP, but have different needs or would have gone with the L3540.
I recently considered kubota L3400, L3540 vs Kioti CK35 and DK35 (all HST's, loaders, and industrial tires). I too, decided the L3540 offered much more over the L3400 which is a basic tractor not that much more sophisticated than my current Kubota L275DT.

I thought the Kioti CK35 was somewhere in between the Kubota L3400 and L3540 in features (but closer to the L3540) and the DK35 and L3540 similar. But the L3540 has a more sophisticated HST transmission, a stronger dealer network (at least in Canada) and higher brand recognition.

If prices were close I would have gone with the L3540. But the DK35 was about $22,500 vs the L3540 $28,000 so I purchased the DK35SE HST.

The DK35 deal was helped by the current "free loader" event and a competing offer from Bobcat for a "demo" 2010 CT335 with 9 hrs and full warranty (the CT335 is a rebranded Kioti DK35).

I went for the DK35 over the CK35 because of the beefier frame that I feel might give it some additional ability to handle the loader stresses. The DK35 is also 38 hp vs the DK35's 34 hp.