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    Default DK45SE (HST)

    Anyone have any thoughts on a price of $25,000 for a DK40145SE with KL401 FEL with 72" bucket? Comes with Loaded R4's.

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    Default Re: DK45SE (HST)

    Well, from what I can figure, prices vary quite a bit from region to region. I just got my DK45 se HST with 401 loader, bucket, grapple, 3rd valve, and fiberglass roof for quite a bit less. I have turf tires on it by choice.
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    Default Re: DK45SE (HST)

    Seems a bit high, but a good point to start bargaining from. Some guys seem to be able to get them for ~$21k.
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    Default Re: DK45SE (HST)

    You've probably made a decision by now but I just bought a 2011 dk45sehst for 22,340 with loader they have the free loader program now. It does have 46hrs on it already though. I'd say about 24k is what it should be for a new 2012. But I guess it depends where you are. Make sure you get a bunch of quotes.

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    Default Re: DK45SE (HST)

    I agree with IndyIan and kiotipup, that price seems a little high, all he's throwing in for that price is loaded tires and having them loaded isn't very expensive. I picked up a new DK50SE Hydro a month and a half ago for 22900, it would have been less than 500 dollars less to have him order in a DK40SE and even less difference for the DK45SE. I was quoted 24300 and 24900 for identical DK50SE's by the other 2 dealers in my state at the time I bought mine, my dealer claimed there was a 4% increase from Kioti in April as well as he bought volume in December and in turn got another 4% break which he was able to pass on in his pricing in his current inventory so that explains some of the price difference I experienced. Either way I would search around for better starting pricing you may find someone with one on the lot they can move for less money. I didn't limit myself to dealer distance either, my dealer is almost 3 hours from my home but he will work with me on warranty issues.

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