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    Default DK35 pricing

    Unfortunately after much thought I have decided to sell my tractor. This is not something that I am eager to do but health reason have only allowed me to use for about 10 hours in the last 3 years. This is very disappointing as I had many projects in mind and many are still unfinished. I have decided it would be better to allow someone else to get the enjoyment from the tractor as I can no longer. (He says sadly).

    As you all were very integral to my accumulation of knowledge and my ultimate purchase I decided to go back to the trough of immense knowledge that exist here on TBN.

    So here is the story. I have Kioti DK35 with the Kioti KL1450 loader and a Woods BH80 with manual thumb. There are about 112 hours on the tractor. I have used the backhoe once to dig out one and only one boulder before removing for other chores. The backhoe was added by the dealer at the time purchased the tractor. Then medical issues have prevented me from using. Currently it has loaded (with RimGuard) Ag tires on it but I also have a set of industrial tires and chains that go with it. These were originally on the unit but I wanted Ags, my dealer knew of a set so we worked something out. The used front Ags were not the best so I had the dealer put on brand new tires the front and have the old front Ags that still have a fair amount of life on them for back up.

    Additionally, I also have a John Deere 45 back blade and a Sundowner landscape rake. I think they are both 8 feet.

    So the question for all you brilliant individuals is how much should I list this package for? I really am clueless and know that you all will be able to steer me to the best answer.

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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    Default Re: DK35 pricing

    I'll take a stab at your question. Warning: I haven't actually priced these set ups in a while though.

    You have the older model DK35 I presume given that it has the KL1450 loader (the new DK35se would have the KL351). The Woods BH80 is also the older model as the new one with curved boom is the BH80x. I presume therefore that your tractor was purchased probably 5-8 years ago. Still 112 hours on the engine is not even break in so that certainly adds value. Was the tractor stored inside or outside? That would make quite a difference in appearance and life of some rubber/plastic parts. Having two sets of tires is unusual and might be attractive to a few potential buyers but most will probably not consider that a big plus and perhaps a hassle. So, basically, you have an older but barely used TLB of the previous well respected and reliable but not so sexy generation of Kioti tractors. I'm guessing $12000-13000 for the tractor/FEL/tires and another $4000 for the backhoe would be about right for Craigslist. That would be a really good deal for someone looking to get into a very solid basic tractor/TLB. You might want to start higher depending on how much time you want to spend selling. Not a great time of year for tractor sales in the northeast though. The rake and back blade are probably worth about $750 each via Craigslist so I'd just add that to the estimated tractor price.

    Good luck.

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