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    Default Re: Dk 40 se hst purchase

    Quote Originally Posted by bvanek View Post
    Hey pmaintman looks like we might be almost twins (soon) I just ordered a DK40SE (gear with loader and beet juice) $21,800 and I own a cub cadet 7260 . Since the hydro was quoted to me at $1,700 more, it looks like your price is pretty good.. IT was $24,275 for the DK45SE Hydro. I live in an expensive area (NW Oregon) and we usually pay more because of shipping, limited dealerships and supply/demand economics. Not to mention we border California!
    I bet you are going to like your new Kioti, I sure like mine

    James K0UA
    James KUA

    Kioti DK35se hydrostat with 2 QA buckets, 48 inch. King Kutter Rotary Cutter. 750 lbs ballast box. Loaded tires, Construction Attachments SSQA Lightweight Pallet forks. EA 50 inch single lid "wicked" Grapple. Satisfied Everlast PA160 welder owner How to add a link to a post . Best way to search TBN

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    Default Re: Dk 40 se hst purchase

    bvanek, Looks to me like we`re more like twins than you think.I also owned a cub cadet 7265(the hydro version of the 7260).I traded it in on my new Kioti.Good luck with the new toy,I mean tractor.

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    Default Re: Dk 40 se hst purchase

    thanks guys Looking forward to my new tractor. Will be keeping the Cub Cadet. It's really been a good tractor but it's just not quite big enough and I often have overworked it. Will use it for tighter squeezes and smaller stuff. I have both pasture and woods, but essentially not flat. I yard firewood from the woods and have to mow the fields because I only have one old retired horse left to eat down the grass. I also am constantly fixing and grading my long and steep driveway. ( I live on a hilltop) Just can't get er done without a tractor. Hopefully the xtra HP and wt. of the Kioti will offset some of the issues I had with the Cub Cadet

    I thought about hydro for quite a while, but opted for gear. (Didn't want to retrain myself after using gears all my life). I test drove the hydros and just didn't feel comfortable in them. Plus I saved enough money to buy a new rotary cutter. My old one didn't have a slip clutch and the gear box keep leaking.

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