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    Default New DK45CHSE with KL401 loader

    Loaded up my new DK45 Fri on my 6000GVW trailer and made home form the dealer in good shape. Still learning the HST pedal lock, one of the trade offs that the kubota had with the hand HST control. Like the HST for blading the alpaca lot, great for garden tilling, My TN55 NH always went to fast when tilling gardens. Like the big cab over the Kubota L series and the lower Kioti price. Hope to order a phiraha cutting bar for the bucket soon but the HST is easier digging than the manual TN55. The dealer didn't warn about always closing the doors before moving so lucked out going though a gate and missing the post with the door but not by any of my skill in driving. One bad item is the diesel lid being all chromed up try driving into a low sun and looking over the top of a mirror, might be a duct tape fix. Need to weld up a bale spike and try some finish mowing. 5hr tt.New DK45CHSE with KL401 loader-img_20130824_111624_288-jpgNew DK45CHSE with KL401 loader-img_20130824_111557_129-jpg

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    Default Re: New DK45CHSE with KL401 loader

    Congratulations, have fun with it, get them tires loaded if they aren't.
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    Default Re: New DK45CHSE with KL401 loader

    Nice,I bet you will like the air!

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    Default Re: New DK45CHSE with KL401 loader

    Yup, just remember to ALWAYS close the doors before moving.

    and constantly check the mirrors when backing up...unless you wish to remove the mirrors on a tree or ???

    These sure are nice tractors.
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    Default Re: New DK45CHSE with KL401 loader

    Glad you're enjoying it. I've had the same rig for a little more than a year and love mine. Careful with that trailer, you're overloaded just with the tractor and loader, way overloaded if the tires are loaded. One thing I read on TBN a long time ago is never move an inch with an open door, and I never do. I do more digging with the FEL than I ever expected and find the DK 45 does a great job, but I imagine you could get a smoother cut if you had a tooth bar. The gas lid gets dirty pretty fast and I don't notice a glare, but duct tape would certainly do. Have fun.

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