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    Default First Time Tractor Owner LB1914

    I recently purchased a 1999 LB1914 with loader(Buhler-Allied), Rear finish mower and rear blade. It has 302 hours. Still learning how to operate it but seems fairly straightforward. The only problem encountered so far is the High / Low gear range lever is very hard to move. Is there any way to lossen up this control? Also, in the manual it refers to a Fuel Thermistor on the control panel ..looks like an idiot light. What is a fuel Thermistor?

    In looking at the Sevice Interval chart in the Maintenance section of the manual I'm a little confused. It lists hours and Date to perform the service. For example in one row

    Hours Date Replacement Perform
    First 50 6 months Engine Oil and Filter Grease, Inspect Fluid levels etc
    Transmission Oil and Filter

    Does this mean to do it either at 50 hours of operation or 6 months whichever comes first? The reason I ask is that further down on the chart there is a section called Low Usage. The row in question is:

    Hours Date Replacement Perform
    Low 300 2 years Transmission Oil Adjust valve lash (Contact Dealer)
    Usage and filter cleaning
    Front axle gear oil

    What is Adjust Valve lash? Since this tractor has just reached 300 hours but is 8 years old should I assume that it was done by the previous owner. I bought from the second owner who had it only 2 years. Can I do this myself or is there a way to tell if it has been done. Does it have to be done every 300 hours of operation?

    Sorry for all of the questions but would appreciate any feedback. Like many I've been reading this forum for many years but am just now posting. I'ts been a real education for this city boy who now has some rural property and now a tractor.
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    Default Re: First Time Tractor Owner LB1914

    Your better off getting an answer from Wallace or someone more knowledgeable, but here's my answer.

    50hrs or 6 months is which ever comes 1st. You're way past that.

    Adjust Valve Lash is done on the motor. The odds are you won't need an adjustment, but you might want to have them checked. You probably can't tell since it's new to you, but if valves go out of alignment, the motor will sound different. Because you don't want to run a motor that's not in spec, you want to get them checked and have adjustments made as needed.

    As to guessing about maintenance by the previous owner.... If you're going to assume, assume they never did a dang thing other then fuel it up and use it. On a used vehicle of any type, I always like to change out all fluids and filters when I get my hands on them.

    Now go and enjoy your new toy.

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