Kioti Filter and Manuals plus Dealer Recommendation for Parts
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    Default Kioti Filter and Manuals plus Dealer Recommendation for Parts

    I do not have a Kioti dealer near my home, so I ended up mail ordering probably 2 years worth of filters for my new CK30H. I like to research and compare prices on everything I buy, so I requested quotes from several different dealers. There was not a huge difference in price from one dealer to another for each item, but it adds up when you purchase several items. I ordered 3 engine oil filters ($7.09 each), 2 HST filters ($10.32 each), 2 hydraulic filters ($28.32 each), 2 fuel filters ($3.20 each), a parts manual ($29.95) and a repair manual ($65). Total delivered cost to AL was $212.67. I ordered the parts on 29 DEC and received them yesterday (5 JAN). The dealer did not have the parts manual in stock, so he had everything drop shipped directly from Kioti in NC. Shipping at $12.95 would be cheaper than the sales tax depending on your local tax rates and rules for agriculture parts.

    I am sure most Kioti dealers will probably give you good service and I would support my local dealer if I had one, but if I wanted Kioti parts my only real option was mail order. I have no affiliation whatsoever with this dealer (I am from AL and he is in NY), but I would absolutely do business with him again in a heartbeat. He was VERY prompt with a professional itemized parts quote and quickly processed my credit card payment over the phone. If you have to order your parts mail order, you might give him a shot.

    Rick Lewis
    Tri County Supply Inc.
    Chaffee, NY
    (866) 496-8859
    Tri-County Supply sales go karts, mini bikes and outdoor furniture

    Comments about the products received:

    Repair Manual - Initial impression is VERY good. I had read some previous post about funny translations and things like that, but after looking through the manual last night it looks like it is very well done. Came in a very nice 3 ring binder with a great index and tabbed chapters. Lots of pictures and detailed illustrations. Compared to parts manuals my dad had for his larger agriculture equipment, I would say this manual is every bit as good as those.

    Parts Manual - Bound manual that is also very nice. Wish it was in a 3 ring binder like the repair manual, so I could copy a page or 2 for use in the shop as needed to keep the original clean. Looks very detailed and much better than I thought it was going to be for about $30. It is probably 400+ pages for about the same price as a replacement operator's manual.

    Engine Oil Filter black in color rather than the gray filter that came on the tractor. I have not changed the filter yet so cannot compare the original with the replacement other than visually. Since I don稚 have a local Kioti dealer I have been doing A LOT of research on after-market filters. I cannot believe how much information there is out there about different oil filters. I will admit that prior to my research I pretty much thought an oil filter was an oil filter was an oil filter. For the last several years I have usually paid someone to change my oil for a variety of reasons?t is easier, don稚 have to worry about disposal, my wife can have it done while I am at work, I don稚 have to get dirty, don稚 save much money doing it yourself?lah blah blah. I usually had the Ford dealer do the service on my Focus that included semi-synthetic oil and a Motorcraft filter, but once in a while would take it to WalMart. Almost always took my Dodge Ram to WalMart. Even when I was changing my own oil, I almost always used a Fram filter from WalMart. The filters are pretty orange and nearly every parts store in the US carries Fram filters. After my research I doubt that I will ever use a Fram filter in anything I plan on keeping (I usually drive a vehicle until the wheels are about ready to fall off). There is a HUGE difference in oil filter quality when you open up the can and look inside (from reading descriptions and looking at pictures). The Kioti engine oil filter appears to be a really nice heavy duty filter and for about $7 I think it is probably a bargain. I plan on cutting my used filter open when I do my 50 hour service, I will report back later on what I find. It has taken some work, but I have located several after-market filters that 都hould work, but unless you want to use a synthetic oil and extend your oil change interval it looks like the Kioti filter should be more than adequate. If you are interested in the latest and greatest filter media (synthetic material rather than paper), are wanting the best paper media filter you can find, or need an emergency filter replacement and do not have a local Kioti Dealer, there are filters that you can buy locally that 都hould work. I am compiling a list of possible alternative filters that I have been researching and will post it once complete.

    Fuel Filter looks to be of high quality. This part is easy to cross reference to a part you can buy at most local auto parts stores if you need one in a pinch and don稚 have a Kioti dealer close to home.

    HST Filter again looks to be a good quality filter and at $10.32 think it is a good value. I have not had any luck finding a cross reference for an after-market filter.

    Hydraulic Filter (more like a screen instead of a filter) looks to be a good filter, but not sure why it is almost 3 times the cost of the HST filter. As with the HST filter, I have not been able to locate a cross reference to an after-market filter.

    Kioti CK30H now with 30 hours
    Enterprise, AL

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    Default Re: Kioti Filter and Manuals plus Dealer Recommendation for Parts

    I bought my DK35 from Tri-County, a Huskvarna snowblower and a Meteor blower as well as all my disposable items from them as well. I haven't had to buy any replacement parts yet but they got me a new seat under warranty and I can't say enough about the dealership. They have been great to deal with and are always helpful, in person or on the phone.
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    Default Re: Kioti Filter and Manuals plus Dealer Recommendation for Parts

    I always like maintenance posts, thanks, and good luck with the service.

    For machines I plan keep for long time I typically use OEM.

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    Default Re: Kioti Filter and Manuals plus Dealer Recommendation for Parts

    Thanks for the information. I own a CK30 also. Getting ready for the 50 hr oil & filter changes. My owner's manual seems out of date where the engine oil specs are concerned. Calls for API CC Or CD , both of which are obsolete. I am going to use Rotella 10w30 . What does your manual recommend? Thanks again

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