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    Long time lurker, first time poster.
    After 5 years of research and agonizing, finally settled on a DK40SE w/FEL as a replacement for my grand dads 1949 AC model C that I've been love/ hating since I was 7 years old (the tractor is 12 years older than me). A bit dangerous on the hills with no ROPS, tricycle front end, light front end and touchy brakes. At 61, it's time she retired before she breaks.
    The dealer (Eric at Moon Tractor in Hillsboro, OH) is the best I've ever seen, bar none (and I've talked to a LOT of them, all brands). Honestly wants me as a customer, not just a sale. With the current promo, got the tractor for $800 less than he quoted me 2 years ago. ($21,721 out the door, all inclusive. Tires with rimguard, free first maintenance, dyno runup prior to delivery, tax, paperwork, etc).
    See attached for Grandpa's Allis, which is for sale if anyone cares.
    Will shoot a picture out when the new beast is delivered next weekend, side by side with the AC. Maybe a little difference? Ha!
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    If I had the old AC with a family history I'd make it pretty and let her retire in style. Bit of TLC as time permits and it would be looking like day one in short order.

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    I had problems shifting the Allis WC when I was a kid. That really short upright with the really long shaft to get back to where you were in the seat was a real challenge. Much preferred the WD with the short straight shifter.
    Sounds like you got a great deal and a super dealer. You'll be wondering why you didn't do this years ago! Congratulations but be careful that that new tractor doesn't get you in trouble with where it can go compared to the WC, and since you got the loader, take it slow getting used to it.
    Working to increase the scope of the small tractor experience, one quick attach at a time.

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    Congrats on the new tractor. I went from a 1948 Ford 8n to a CK30hst with fel. What a big difference but I do miss the 8n sometimes. Owned it for 16 years and it never let me down even if it was 0'F with a foot of snow to plow. I thought about doing what Stranger mentioned and maybe taking it to a show or two. I did find it a good home finally and it's well taken care of.
    Have fun with the new one, I'm sure you will, and be safe.

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    Congratulations! You'll love the new tractor. Can't wait to see your pics in action. Nice old Allis too.
    God Bless our brave men, bring them home, safe again.

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    Congrats on the new purchase. I kept my old tractor for odds and ends. Its still more handy in the woods as it has no FEL or roll bar but for any heavy work I use the Kioti.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy the new toy - not sure why I put my purchase off for so long.

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    Congrats and Welcome to the Pack!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiamondPilot
    Now it's time for Ford and GM to step up

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcfennell View Post
    See attached for Grandpa's Allis
    As a kid I raked hay a many a time on an Allis very similar to the one you have there. It deserves a good home. Enjoy your new Kioti.
    Kioti CK30, KL130 FEL with Markham Toothbar, Land Pride 6' Mower, Atlas 6' BB,KK Tiller, KK Bushhog, Chisel Plow, Howse 66" Disc, 7' Spike Tooth, Hollow 300 Seeder

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