Mow Deck for DS4110 advice
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    Default Mow Deck for DS4110 advice

    I should have my DS4110 this week, or rather, mama will have it. We have the fields (8 acres) swathed and baled a couple times a year, but at the end of the year I like to mow the field as it seems to come in better when you do. What tow behind mow deck do you recommend? Kioti? Woods? I don't need to finish mow like a golf course, brush hog or rough cutting would be adequate. I'll post some tractor porn when it arrives. I suppose it is identical to the rest but................this is my tractor, there are many just like it but this one is mine. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my tractor is useless.

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    Default Re: Mow Deck for DS4110 advice

    I'm sure the DS4110 will be great.

    I have used bush hogs, finish mower and flail. I liked both the bush hog and the flail. If I was going to do some cutting once or twice a year and not have to do anything at all but hitch up the mower each time, I'd go for bush hog. Woods, LandsPride, Rhino are all excellent brands. I am somewhat partial to Bush Hog and I'd consider one of their wide double spindle medium duty mowers ?SQ184 or something like that. If you are really just cutting a field once a year I might also consider saving some bucks and getting an "off brand" like a Kodiak or similar discount mower. If all you are doing is knocking down late grasses one of those should give you many years of service.

    If you read my comments on flail mowers you'll know that I am a fan but that is for a mower that I actually use a lot. It does take more maintenance than a bush hog and is not quite as bullet proof. Cut is a lot better and it is safer but for once or twice a year mowing I'm not sure that matters so much.

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