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    Noticed today while mowing with my CK20 with 203 hours that I have an oil leak where the left front wheel pivots when turning, don't know if thats called a steering shaft or what but it leaks from the top. I'm assuming there is a seal in there. Anybody know how hard it is to fix this or does it need to go to the dealer. I think it's an 05 got it on July 24 that year so it's out of warranty.

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    It is not hard to fix. There are two o-rings - they call them seals, in there. EASY to come apart - You will need a press to hold things together; and a third hand, to install a "c" clip. When installing, I lubed them up good with grease - makes them slide in easier. Email back if you have additional questions.
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    I had the same problem recently with my CK20 that I bought new in 2005. I took it apart, which was not too bad to do, and found that there was a brass bushing completely missing. It is supposed to stabilize the pivot point and it was easy to tell by wear patterns that it was never installed. The only thing stabilizing it at all was the small lip that the bushing was supposed to seat against. It did not provide nearly enough surface area so wore down quickly allowing a sloppy pivot point allowing the seals to leak. When I discovered this, I decided I should take the other side apart to have a look but it was fine. Was able to compare though and positively see the differences in wear patterns.

    Fortunately, my dealer agreed that it was a factory defect and supplied the parts to fix at no charge even though tractor was out of warranty.

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