CK35 HST one or 2 furrow plow?
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    Default CK35 HST one or 2 furrow plow?

    Been looking at smaller used plows as I'd like to plow about 10 acres around the house to start messing around with some crops.

    Would the CK35 HST like a single or double furrow? I'm worried it might not have the weight to pull a double but maybe you guys have experience I don't.

    Fields aren't too hard soiled, have been farmed many a times but have sat for about 10 years now.

    Let me know what you think.

    ALso any tips on what to look for on used plows... I'm new to plows.

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    Default Re: CK35 HST one or 2 furrow plow?

    Here's a rule of thumb for average stiffness soil:

    Assume the drawbar horsepower is about equal to PTO Horsepower
    For bottom plows - Plow depth x # plow shares = Drawbar Horsepower

    In other words
    double bottom 12" plow needs 24 drawbar horsepower - (average soil conditions). Adjust the drawbar horsepower up for stiff or clay soils.
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    Default Re: CK35 HST one or 2 furrow plow?

    I have pulled 2 14 in plows with a ck 30 gear. Would not do it all day. Just a little too much for the tractor, but it will work just for my garden.

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