Non-stick spray for snow plow/snow blower?
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    Default Re: Non-stick spray for snow plow/snow blower?

    I know the guys own at the county road department pretty well and one of their suppliers gave them a few samples of a spray designed for their plow blades. I tried some and it works pretty well, but it just seems to be a spray version of car body wax. I have been experimenting for several years with various sprays including pam, silicone WD-40 and now this stuff. I've tried it on my loader as well as most of the interior surfaces of my 3-point snowblower. This wax seems to hold on a little longer in my experience, but not by much. They are all gone by the end of a few hours of snow moving.

    A year ago I sanded down the interior of my front end loader and every surface I could get at on the snowblower, then gave them a couple coats of primer and a couple more of the highest gloss paint I could find. The results were amazing - better than any of the sprays I used and lasted all winter. Wet and sticky snow slid off easier than I hoped for. I need to give everything another coat for this winter, since some of the spring snow removal contained some gravel, and the loader was used a lot over the summer, which scraped off a lot of paint.

    My best advice is to keep the surfaces smooth and shiny with a good quality paint. I used the farm equipment IH red from the local farm store straight form the quart can with a brush for the snow blower and Rustolium black gloss spray for the loader.

    Hope that it works as good again this year.

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    Default Re: Non-stick spray for snow plow/snow blower?

    I bought a couple of crazy carpet snow sliders last year and hope to get around to lining my snowblower chute with them. They are very, very tough and snow refuses to stick to them. I almost never have a clog develop, even with pretty wet, heavy snow, but I'm hoping to get better throw distance by reducing the resistance in the chute.

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    Just paint it every year with a good paint. That will make the difference.


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    Default Re: Non-stick spray for snow plow/snow blower?

    My wife gives me her used vegetable oil from the kitchen and I keep a coffee tin with a 3 inch paintbrush in it. Then I paint brush it on the blade maybe once a week . Its free !!! Only down side is my dog licks the blade when it is parked in garage.
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    Default Re: Non-stick spray for snow plow/snow blower?

    John Deere sells a graphite spray, I think it's called slip plate. Works good, but is too expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wawajake
    Only down side is my dog licks the blade when it is parked in garage.
    I'm picturing our German Shepherd running sideways along the snowplow trying to keep licking it as I clear the lane this winter.

    Great suggestions everyone - thanks!

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