Happy Kioti owners?
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    Default Happy Kioti owners?

    I have a buddy that wants a 40hp and knows little about tractors. He is on a tight budget (who's not?) I don't know anything about the Kioti line other than of all the newer AK (after kubota) imported tractors out there, it seems that Kioti has been around longest. I suggested this site to him, but I know that he won't bother, so in trying to help a friend,
    Have you guys shopped them against the other orange tractor, for price?
    Are you satisfied with it? (your tractor)
    I know that there are good and bad of all type of tractor dealers, but beyond the dealer, how has parts support been and warranty situations?
    Thanks for any input for advising my buddy.

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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    well i really like mine, but ive only had it for about 1-1/2 months or so.

    i like my dealer, hes been selling them for 8 years, and has a repair shop. theres another repaor /dealer about 30 miles from me also.

    i like the fit & finish on the tractor, very comfortable to operate.

    cant tell you anything about the longevity of it.....its new. i can tell you it cost alot less then a comperable equiped kubota or JD......alot less

    i have a 45 HP HST version, with cab.
    currently own
    2011 Kioti DK45SE HST CAB tractor/loader, Jimna 6" - 3 point wood chipper, 60" JD Brush Hog, JD 60" Rototiller, 3 point post hole digger with hydraulic assist, 3 point spring tooth rake, Fimco 55 gallon weed sprayer with 12 foot boom, 3 point hydraulic wood splitter (home built)
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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    I've had a DK40se HST for three and a half years. I use mine mostly for land clearing, mowing and as a TLB and I have about 300 hours on it.

    Great, great tractor and loader. Tremendous bang for the buck. Solid and reliable too. Only repairs have been a busted seat belt retractor in the first week and a cracked fuel bowl at about two years. Both simple replacements done by myself with parts shipped from the dealer. Starts immediately in cold weather. I really don't have a single "con" to report on the tractor itself.

    Dealerships with Kioti are not nearly as stable as with JD, kubota or NH and that is the single biggest issue with owning a Kioti. The corporate strategy for building a dealer network seems odd in that some really fine dealers have been pushed out. On the other hand, no one seems to have trouble getting parts. Despite the clumsy moves to build the dealer network, I'd have to say that the ownership experience has been almost completely positive. I'd buy another without hesitation (in fact my DK40se is my second Kioti).

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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    I've had my DK 35 for just under 10 years. I have around 1500 hours on it.
    I have been very pleased with mine. It has been very good.
    Kioti DK 35
    Hustler Super Z

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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    I shopped for nearly 2 yrs. Wanted the kubota really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stopped by a Kioti dealer for a test drive and I was almost sold on the spot. I bought a DK40SE HST, K401 FEL, Sunshade, and loaded rear tires in May, 2010. I have 90 hours on it to date and I love it!!!!

    In the Kubota line, the DK40SE HST is right b/w the L3940 and the L4240 where HP and FEL performance is concerned. The Kioti is heavier than both of the 2 L models I've mentioned. I priced 3 different dealers on a L3940 HST...pretty much tried to match the DK40 model I wanted. It was interesting regarding what you had to "add" to the bota (Q/A bucket & a set of rear remotes) vs what comes standard on the Kioti???? Price for me in the Cincinnati, OH area was $4K to $6.5K higher for the Kubota over the Kioti.

    The Auto HST on the bota is really cool but not $4K cool. Another biggie for me was ergonomics! The HST pedal position on the bota was awkward & put my leg in a bind. It was not as comfortable as the 2 pedals on the Kioti. If you (your friend) spends much time in the seat, he will want to be as comfortable as possible. Something to think about if he's going w/ HST.

    The Kioti has the better warranty but the bota will have the better resale value down the road. I didn't care about resale, I wanted the most bang for my buck.....and I think I got it Good luck helping your friend!

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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    6 years and over 450 hours on my CK20 HST since I bought it new in Oct 2005 and it has been perfect since. Besides a sloppy cab (Sims cab, not a Kioti product), there is not a single thing I can think of that I don't like about this tractor. It's the perfect size for the small homeowner stuff I do (no mowing) yet is powerful enough for the excavation I do with it. I have removed more stumps than I can remember with the incredible Kioti backhoe, have moved countless tons of gravel, loam, mulch, etc... and cleared more snow in the past 6 years with the snowblower than I ever did with the plow truck. The HST is smooth and easy to use, the fender mounted loader control is much nicer than the loader mounted control on the kubota's and I was getting pricing around $2-3k more for a comparable JD or Kubota which didn't include the $2k heated cab.
    When I'm ready for a larger tractor, I will go straight to the Kioti dealer and skip shopping around.
    Kioti CK20HST
    KL120 FEL // KB2365 BH // 60" JRW 3ph snowblower // 48" HD Boxblade
    Sims-Cab Depot heated cab
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    Now it's time for Ford and GM to step up

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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    I am a 1 year owner of a DK45S Cab. I use it for hay making, bale moving and barn cleaning mostly. Much easier on the fuel than my old IH I got rid of and some of my other tractors. It was by far the best value I could find of all of the other colors.


    Tractors include 2009 Kioti DK45S Cab, 1974 JD4430, 1952 Oliver 77, 1953 JD50, 1940 JD A, 1938 Farmall F-14,

    NH 489 Haybine, NH 315 Baler, Gehl 1465 Round Baler, NH 68 Baler, Kuhn GA301 GM Rake, Kuhn GA25 Rake/Tedder, JD 851 Rake, GT-77 ATV Herd Seeder,
    Everlast PowerArc 200

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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    I am very pleased with my CK30 TLB. If I bought again I'd try and afford the DK45 due to heavier loader lift.

    It was the Kioti or kubota, I choose Kioti for the following reasons:

    - liked the dealer better
    - several thousand cheaper for the equivalent unit
    - heavier tractor
    - better lift
    - better warranty

    I have had a few very minor issues but nothing out of warranty or major (issues have included a leaky hydraulic pipe fitting, dealer replaced, loader would not lock into float position as water got through the rubber boot by the joystick, again, no cost fix.

    I've done SO much work with this tractor, it's been a great thing. It even starts great in the dead of winter below -20.
    God Bless our brave men, bring them home, safe again.

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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    I bought a DK35 after test driving alot of different makes. I went with the DK because it just fit me better. With only 13 hours on mine now I have a long way to reach the time that DK35vince has on his. But I am expecting a long time experience with it. I knew going in that the kubota had a better resale value, but I didn't buy it to resell. With proper maintenance I believe I've got a tractor that will be in my farm for a long time.

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    Default Re: Happy Kioti owners?

    I've had my DK45 for 5 years now. Great tractor no issues currently at 330 hours. My brother in law bought same tractor last year. Both very happy with our purchases. I always perform extensive research before I spend my money. Kioti came out on top after 3 months of deliberation. I had a Yanmar 336D before but needed to move from 33HP to 45HP for my hunting property. Put a Rhino FEL on mine brother in law's has Kioti loader. This tractor will outlive me and I am only 55.

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