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    Default New tractor specs

    Curious as to what small things you'd reccomend for a new tractor set up? I'm still looking at the DH45HST. Sitting down with the dealer tomorrow and we'll see how that goes. Going to use the tractor for a large garden (1/2 to 1 Acre) landscaping and other general loader work. It has R4 tires now. I was going to fill the tires and am considering asking the dealing to turn them for the extra width.

    What are the disadvanatges to that set up. Will it help or hurt if you want to run ground engauging implements? Allso, what option do I ask for it I want to run a 4 in 1 bucket? Does Kioti offer one? I couldn't find it on the web page. Any reccomendations?

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    I'd start with the bucket that Kioti supplies and its 401 loader. They should be capable of doing whatever you need, and if not then consider something else or in addition. Same with the tires, load them and forget them.
    The DK- 45 will be an amazing tractor due to its weight/strength. I have the DK-40, basically the exact same tractor just a few HP shy of yours. Look at my implement list in my signature. I do everything imaginable with the listed tools.
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    If you want a 4in1 bucket or a grapple, you'll need front remote hydraulics which guys do different ways. I just ran lines from the rear remotes forward. I went the cheaper route but have to take my hand off the loader control to work the remote. There is a control, aftermarket and somebody here will give you the name, that attaches to yor loader control and plumbs into the power beyong circuit which is very nice. All is done with one hand. If it was me, I'd do like Coyote Machine mentioned and do your work with the regular bucket first and see if a 4in1 is needed unless you already know you want a 4in1. A grapple makes a nice addition to the loader arms for certain types of work. The front hydraulics can also be installed later.
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