Fuel Tank Removal HELP Please
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    Default Re: Fuel Tank Removal HELP Please

    Today was "D" day. The tank had a lot of rust, a lot of rust. The best picture was not a Nikon with 16M but my Motorola Photon. I went through the POR15 process and that takes much longer than you might suspect. Have a box of gloves and at least a roll of towells and lots of time. After completing everything but the coating step, the rust "spots" were still there. I must assume that the POR15 removed the active rust. The coating takes a long time to mix. I would stop by HD and ask them to shake it the same day you are going to do this. You will most likely still need to stir it. The tank is "curing" currently and will be for a couple of days. Checking it tomorrow.
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    Okay I inspected the tank and I have about 3/16" hole in one spot right in the middle of the rustiest area. I called POR 15. Please remember that I consulted them prioir to starting! What POR 15 said this time is that I should have let the tank sit over night or longer to dry out. Their instructions (destructions) said to blow hot air in and I used a Milwaukee Professional Heat Gun for over 15 minutes and the entire tank was heated up. I followed what was in the instructions (better) and certainly what little help I was offered before starting.

    What I was told is that the sealer will NOT stick to itself. I could dab a little on that spot. That is most interesting because since it won't stick to itself, the rust will start soon after in a ring around the "rosey", pop that "dab" of sealer, clog the tank. Then, I am into another 6 hours to extract it. Since I contacted POR 15 prior to starting and they totally failed to help me and the "kid" who answered demeaned me, I feel that they owe me replacement product. They just ignored me and told me the cost and shipping cost.

    So the learning is this: Follow the POR 15 instructions up to putting in the sealer and then leave the tank sitting over night (or longer per the gracious help I received today). Then put the sealer in it. I humbly would suggest a heating source again just in casr moisture has formed depepnding upon your humidity in your region prior to putting the POR 15 sealer in the tank.

    Since I checked with POR 15 prioir to starting and they failed to tell me the update / new procedure / change or whatever, they owe me product - my opinion!


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    How'd you pay for the Por15? If by credit card you have certain rights to satisfaction from the seller. If by check- well forget about it.
    Sorry to hear you've been given the run around by the company. Have you tried calling and asking for the head guy to resolve your issues with them?
    I would certainly take it up the ladder. You need resolution.
    AND you need to solve the pinhole in tank problem too.
    What about enlarging the hole slightly and using something like JB weld Marine, which I believe I just saw last night in H. Depot, or maybe at TSC.
    You DEFINATELY want to do this job only once, and I believe you're on the right path- you just need to figure out how to solve the hole issue and then you should be good to go.
    Going forward I think you may need to try to keep your tank as full as possible to keep atmospheric moisture from condensing inside the tank. And you may have to use a moisture reducing additive as well.
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    Default Re: Fuel Tank Removal HELP Please

    just a question...does Kioti offer a plastic replacement version???

    My current dk45se has a plastic tank..and im glad it does. I sure hope you can get this resolved.
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