Coolant Temperature Sensor (DK45HST)
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    Default Coolant Temperature Sensor (DK45HST)

    This past summer, I had to have have the engine replaced on my DK45HST after less than four years and about 880 hours. Since that time, I've had a few troubles with my glow plugs not working. The first time I found something wrong with it, the wire that connects the preheat relay to the coolant sensor was not plugged in to the sensor!

    Anyhow, as winter has finally set in, I'm finding that the sensor is having troubles. When below freezing, it doesn't work. When above freezing but cooler out, the glow plug works as expected. I actually removed the sensor, warmed it up inside the house near the woodstove and took it back out and it worked normally until it got cold. So, I'm guessing there's moisture inside that is freezing and causing troubles. No matter what, the sensor needs to be replaced. For now, I have a switch to manually ground the relay to by-pass the sensor.

    The trouble comes down to the sensor. When I took it off, I noticed that none of the metric sizes fit it correctly and that it took an 11/16" wrench to get it off. I thought it was strange because everything else on that thing is metric. I also noticed that when I screwed it back in, the threads just felt odd. When I looked the part up in the parts list book and the service manual, the diagram showed a slightly different sensor. Namely, the stub where the wire connects is flat in the literature, but round in my tractor.

    I've been trying to reach the Kioti mechanic who did the work on the tractor, but he hasn't returned my call yet. Do you guys think he'd have replaced the original sensor with a replacement? I noticed that there was quite new looking teflon tape on the threads. Could this be related to the fact that the sensor doesn't work below freezing?

    Any thoughts on this at all?


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    Default Re: Coolant Temperature Sensor (DK45HST)

    I hope the threads are not stripped if in fact a different sensor was screwed in there. I assume you have ordered the proper new one?

    I have to ask, why did your engine crater?
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