Fwd/Rev on DK40SE
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    Default Fwd/Rev on DK40SE

    Stupid question for you all out there. I have the DK40SE gear tractor; just got it a couple weeks ago. I've been clutching between forward and reverse when using the loader. Do I have to clutch or is that the type of transmission that you move the fwd/Rev lever back without clutching?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I don't own this model but am pretty sure the shuttle forward/ reverse is synchronised as long as you are taking most of the speed and load off the transmission. Others might like to confirm this.

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    Clutch that thing! It's true that if you have the load off you can probably get it to shift, but all your clutch/tranny components will almost certainly last longer if you come to a complete stop and use the clutch. Fact is, to get it to shift without clutching, you'd have to almost come to a stop, anyway.

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    Read the manual, my understanding is that synchronized means it doesn't grind when you shift with the clutch and you don't have to be at a complete stop, but check the manual to be sure.
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    Default Re: Fwd/Rev on DK40SE

    From the manual: Shuttle Shift Lever. "This lever is used to select forward or reverse driving. The lever can be shifted while the tractor is moving with the clutch disengaged as these gears are synchromesh. Shifting this lever frequently can deteriorate the transmission's life and durability. Put this lever into the neutral position when the tractor is not driven."

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    There is a type of shuttle (MF calls thiers Power Shuttle) that doesn't require clutching. But I'm pretty sure you don't have that and clutching IS REQUIRED. Another version of the SE owner's manual p5-16 (http://downloads.pfgaustralia.com.au...-45SE%20OM.pdf) states:

    The synchronized shuttle shift lever may be shifted while the tractor is moving slowly and the clutch is depressed.
    Sudden gear shift changes without clutching may cause transmission damage.

    Synchronizers just allow the gears to mesh even if they are not stationary assuming minimal torque load (just low speed gear inertia). They are not designed to allow shifting without clutching. Also some Kioti synchos were reputed to be fragile (and replacing them is a bitch) so I wouldn't stress them unnecessarily.
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