dk45s injector pump problems at 500 hrs
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    Default Re: dk45s injector pump problems at 500 hrs

    I own a 2006 Kioitdk45s with Cab, and KL451 Loader. I Purchased it new - and when new the fuel injector pump broke and the engine ran wide open. I stalled it out with high gear and the brake as the key was not able to turn it off. I was able to get it home as I was not far away. The dealer came took it away and replaced the fuel pump. While it was there, I had them put a cable operated shut off on it in case it happened again. During the warranty, the shuttle shift also failed to operate. They took it away again, removed the cab and split the tractor to replace the shifting forks. Apparently they had some units with soft steel in those forks, and I was fortunate enough to have one of those tractors.. Also, when I got it, the electronic PTO kept blowing fuses. The first winter I went through about 15 fuses when blowing snow. It was the following spring that the shuttle shifter caused the problems and when they removed the cab, they found a pinched wire and this was the cause of the blowing fuses. It has not blown any more fuses since this fix. Several years later, now 2012 - with 550 hrs - the tractor quit again, this time with a 24 ft pontoon boat on the trailer behind, on a narrow road. The engine stalled out, and would not start. I was barely able to get the trailer unhitched and the tractor off the narrow road to pull it home. The dealer said they suspected it was the fuel pump, drove 3 hours as there are no Kioti dealers close to where I live, they arrived with no parts in hand. They determined this was the problem, a broken fuel pump. They left, ordered a new pump and returned two weeks later. After installing it, and no running engine, they determined that the BRAND NEW pump was defective - removed it and returned home. They came in another two weeks with a second NEW pump, and installed it - AGAIN DEFECTIVE - and no starting. They returned home again and came back a third time with their truck to take it to their shop. FINALLY - they got it running. They asked me if I wanted to trade it in on a new unit. After six years, it only has over 500 hours on it. I am not too keen on buying another Kioti after having these issues. A mechanic friend told me I should be running a fuel additive as the fuels today do not have the lubrication in them the older fuels did and this additive will help lubricate the fuel pump. I am now running the conditioner, however the machine only has few hours on it since it was returned with the new fuel pump. The shifting was also sloppy in the levers, (it is a geared transmission) so I had them check the forks and they replaced those via the side panel without having to spit the tractor. I was very surprised at the amount of wear in them for such a life span. It confirms to me, that yes, these are cheaper tractors to buy, but you get what you pay for. I love the way this tractor works, and the features it has over kubota (the rear three point hitch lifting handle is great for a cabbed tractor to have) and it works hard and is strong, but having these kind of problems - well - it was not worth the savings I made over buying a large brand name. I did buy this tractor as I height is perfect with the Industrial tires to fit in my garage, and I like the 12 forward and 12 reverse and the shuttle shift, plus the way it was put together and thought out. I am very disappointed in the mechanical problems it has had as I purchased a NEW tractor to avoid having those head aches. What I have also found, when trying to trade it in - some dealers do not want them, and those that will take it, are really low balling the value - it could be that the prices on new ones have dropped? Anyway, live and learn. I figured I saved thousands over the larger brands and it had features they did not have - but I have paid well beyond that in repairs and down time. This last bill, was a few dollars shy of $4,000 (including a full service)- I am hoping I now have all the bugs worked out of it. So much for buying a new tractor to avoid problems!
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    Default Re: dk45s injector pump problems at 500 hrs

    mashyken: Can you supply the year and approx operating hours when the original injection pump failed? Also, if you provide the first four digits of your serial number, that would establish your exact model.

    Also, can you clarify if the second failed fuel pump was the injection pump (expensive) or the lift pump (relatively cheap)? If injection pump, can you give the year of that failure? Considering that they tried three "bad" replacement pumps (pretty unlikely) the second time, do you suspect the real problem was something else (e.g. misdiagnosis)?

    For my own curiosity and to aid other Kioti owners, I'm compiling injection pump failure data from TBN posts:

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