DS vs DK
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    Default Re: DS vs DK

    Let me sort this out. The DK series is the more featured series w/ Hydro. available. The DS series is an "economy" series to be offered at a
    lower price. Basically an older version of the DK before they went to the SE.
    The DS has:
    no tilt wheel
    mech. 4wd engagement
    mech. PTO engage
    gear trans. only
    no DSCV (loader valve) on tractor, it is part of the loader
    no telescoping draft links
    no rear remote standard
    chain sway adjustment
    no rear 3pt. lift lever
    no floor mats
    "older"version platform, not as much room
    loader is the same model and capacity, just a 401 vs 402
    3pt. lift cap. 68lbs. less on DS
    Newer styling on the DK's

    As far as the DS3510, the only thing similar to the larger DS is "DS".
    The 3510 uses a CK35 front and an LK rear. The LK used to be their "TLB" model.
    Strictly gear drive from the LK and engine from the CK.
    From the steering wheel up it's a CK (no tilt wheel) and from the wheel back, an LK including trans. and shifting.
    That's basically it. A bare bones 35 hp. tractor.

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    Default Re: DS vs DK

    Quote Originally Posted by Hard Knocks View Post
    The DS3510 is a stripped down CK35. It is not at all comparable to a DK series. There are a no bells and whistles 35 HP gear drive tractor for a very reasonable price. The only issue that I have with them is that the 3PH valve is not load sensing. This means that at PTO rated RPM with a heavy implement (snow blower) the hitch moves up so fast that unless you quickly pull up the hitch lever to the desired height it chatters the tractor and implement vigorously. There have been several complaints about it but it is the way it is. Other than that it is a great value.
    I don't think that is a correct comparison. The CK is a smaller frame tractor and has no relation to the DS other than both being Kioti tractors. The DS as I recall is really just a moderately updated old (pre 2007) DK tractor. It is much bigger physically than the CK25/30/35. I haven't checked the loader specs but I would be surprised if the DS loader was not considerably stronger than the CK too. Basically the DS is a basic fairly big tractor without all the electrohydraulic and other bells and whistles of the current DK series. The DS should have at least the reliability of the older DK which was very good.

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