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    Default Front wheel bolt keeps coming out

    I've got a 2008 DK45se hst and the problem I'm having is the left front tire ( sitting on the seat looking forward ) has a bolt that keeps working itself loose and falling out. I've used the blue loctite and check it often but then all of a sudden after an hour or so of use it's out. Has anyone else had this problem ? It seems to be the same bolt and all the others are solid as a rock. I'm thinking of trying the red loctite but was just going to see if anyone has any other suggestions ?
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    Default Re: Front wheel bolt keeps coming out

    Can you get it to the same torque as the others?

    Likely the threads are deformed or wrong bolt. Run proper tap through it then loosen & retorque all the bolts in a cris-cross pattern to evenly tighten the wheel onto the hub.

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    Default Re: Front wheel bolt keeps coming out

    I too am willing to bet the threads are bad on either the hub or the bolt. It could have messed the first time it came loose, or may never have been right to start with.

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    Default Re: Front wheel bolt keeps coming out

    Could you perhaps use a longer bolt and add a nut on the far side to lock it in place?
    Just make sure that a longer bolt + nut will clear everything, probably will.

    If not use drilled headed bolts (or drill 2 bolt heads) and use safety wire to prevent movement.

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