I need to get a tooth bar for my CK20HST TLB. I think I have read every post I could find on tooth bars. H & H Sales & MFG makes two types ( one type is available in standard and heavy duty) one has large teeth about 11" apart. The other type, designated as the EZ Landscape Aattachment has teeth spaced about every 2 1/2" to 3" - the photo shows a bucket that looks to be maybe 54" with 19 teeth. The landscaper model is sescribed as good for pulling saplings, raking and taking up sod. My future uses for the fel are spreading gravel to maintain my 80' or so drive, spreading gravel for a patio, putting in some large (300 to 1000 sf) planting beds, snow removal (probably take the tooth bar off for that?) and moving about 190' of stone wall. I have stones from arm chair size (could get buried or dragged) to suit case size that I would like to place with my machine. Looks to me like there is not much that the landscape tooth bar will not handle for these tasks. But I wonder could I break the teeth off the landscaper unit moving rocks in the 500LB range? Any digging I guess I will do with the backhoe. Anyone out there have any experience with both the landscaper type tooth bar and the regular tooth bar on this size machine who can tell me the pluses and minuses of what they can do? Thanks, Charlie