CK20 trailering...Toyota Tacoma????
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    Default CK20 trailering...Toyota Tacoma????

    If you have a duel axel trailer with brakes on both axels, is a Tacoma capable of pulling a CK20? I get both for answers. The weight is within the pulling limits, but I was told that didn't matter. Said truck was too small. Too many answers for one question. Dealer couldn't even say a "yes or no". I can't find it in the Manuel either. Any help would be great!

    03 Tacoma 6 Cylinder, extended cab, 4X4. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

    Dealer says"Why don't you just borrow a full size to be sure"

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    Default Re: CK20 trailering...Toyota Tacoma????

    You have no problem!

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    Default Re: CK20 trailering...Toyota Tacoma????

    make sure your brakes work..

    You do NOT have to go a hundred miles per hour, but you DO need to stop.

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    Default Re: CK20 trailering...Toyota Tacoma????

    A dual axle trailer of what length, and how much does the trailer weigh? Those are important considerations. Keep in mind that if you have a trailer with two 3500 pound axles, you have a 7K weight rating, subtract the trailer weight, and you have the payload weight. If you're going to be hauling with the loader on, and something on the back, don't forget those weights.
    You will need to be very particular about getting the tractor in just the right spot to carry it well.
    Yes, you can get by with the Tacoma, but I think you'll find it inadequate if you find yourself having to back on soft soil. I don't know the gearing on your truck, but if it's geared high, you're going to have some eventual problems.

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