Creaking and dripping
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    Default Creaking and dripping

    Had the dealer take my CK20HST back for 50-hr service. Over $300 with pickup, but seemed like a good idea to have the first one done by pros.

    When it came back, three things were different:

    - When I lock the steering, the hydraulics make a slightly different sounds. (I have no idea if that's important; I just try to attend such changes in case they signal impending doom.)

    - The KB2365 backhoe makes a completely new screeching sound - like strained metal - under load, especially at long extensions.

    - The left-hand hoe control (or something near it) sometimes leaks a few ounces of fluid.

    I'm going to uncover the backhoe controls and try to find a leak. Dealer says it's not serious, and warranty has half a year to run, so I'll just look for a loose hose.

    Dealer says that the metal screech isn't unusual, and that they might have greased it all up differently or something. Me, I'm somewhat worried. Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Creaking and dripping

    My CK20 TLB also makes a sort of screeching sound when I turn the wheel to the lock. I assume it is normal as it stops the second I ease up and occurs both with left and righthand turns.

    The backhoe also makes a somewhat similar sound but only when I am exceeding it's ability to dig as in trying to pull up a stump before I have broken enough roots.

    I also had a small hydraulic fluid leak when I took delivery of my tractor from the dealer. Just a less than tight connection on one of the rear connector fittings. Fixed it easily myself. I think the dealer missed it because it only leaked when there was a load on the backhoe, no leak when powering up or just moving the backhoe arms without strain.

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