ck20hst mls valve trouble
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    Default ck20hst mls valve trouble

    I have just become a member of the pack!!! I swapped the brush hog out the other day for the tiller do some soil prep for hydro seeding. I had wondered how the mls valve would be of use (never owned a tractor) then
    on came the light bulb (not many watts) this will make tiller slowly bite in.
    When i went from rabbit to middle position the 3pt would not go down at all.
    after repeated turns from rabbit to turtle (open close) it finally dropped and i left it alone to get the work done. Any ideas on the problem. Thanks in advance and i greatly appreciate all the info that lead me to this little work horse


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    Default Re: ck20hst mls valve trouble

    That valve is weight sensitive. If you have a very heavy tool on the hitch you will close the valve to allow fluid to move at a slower pace. The piece won't slam to the ground. If you have a light piece on back you will have to open the valve ( it works like a faucet) to allow more fluid to move more easily. This lets the light piece come down smoothly.
    Trying to adjust it to work the way you want is not what it is designed to do.
    It is simply there to adjust for the different weights of implememnts used on the 3 PT hitch.
    David G.

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    Default Re: ck20hst mls valve trouble

    Thanks for the post KiotiDave. When I did the first adjustment the
    brush hog was still attached. I never got it to lower as fast as it did
    before messing with the valve. Thought valve might be sticking because
    it's a new tractor so me and a friend stood on rear of brush hog while i got the wife to work the 3pt with valve in full open(rabbit) the 3pt is not stuck any more but it still does not lower as fast as it did (5 seconds for BH to lower, use to go down as fast as you to move lowering arm)

    Thanks for any help

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