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    Default L3130 72" QA Light Duty Bucket or Standard 66" Bucket

    I need some advice. I just bought a new L3130 w/LA513 FEL and the standard 66" bucket. I really need a bucket that is a little wider. My dealer is willing to trade me out of my "standard" 66" bucket into a 72" Light Material Bucket. This bucket while only 6" wider has almost 50% more capacity than the standard 66". My question is whether or not I'll be sorry I bought a light duty bucket. Dealer says you have to becareful with removing stumps and digging holes, but for dirt/gravel/mulch/etc transport it is fine. I do have some occasional stumps that I dig out...does anyone know if this light duty bucket will withstand occasional stump digging?

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    Default Re: L3130 72" QA Light Duty Bucket or Standard 66" Bucket

    I'm sure it depends how agressive you are with the LD bucket. However, FEL buckets are really pretty inefficient tools for digging out stumps anyway. If you have a QA (especially if it is universal) you can use a grapple with much better efficiency. Otherwise use a backhoe for the bigger stumps.

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    Default Re: L3130 72" QA Light Duty Bucket or Standard 66" Bucket

    I think that you will end up putting a lot of bends and dings in the light material bucket. With my L3130 and LA723 QA FEL I deliberately went with the 66" HD bucket. I have plenty of time and that bucket should withstand anything I throw at it.

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    Default Re: L3130 72" QA Light Duty Bucket or Standard 66" Bucket

    After much contemplation and indecision I finally decided to go ahead and buy the 72" Light Material bucket and quick attach. For what I do, I don't need anything heavy duty and after working with the bucket for a couple hours today I think I made the right choice. I was very pleased to see that this bucket is still quite heavy duty. For being only 6" wider it weighs 35lb more than the 66" that I traded it for. Much of that extra weight is the forms for the Quick Attach which gives the bucket better overall rigidity. Like the idea of having a QA as well.


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