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    Default Hard cab for BX24

    Has anyone had any experience using a hard cab for a BX24? I am thinking about getting one but not sure how easy they are to get on and off and whether there is enough room in them. I am average size (though my wife insists I lose weight!). Also, does anyone know of a cab on the used market that would fit my tractor? Thanks.


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    Default Re: Hard cab for BX24

    Sims mfg a cab for a BX 24.

    Sims Cab Depot - Kubota Compact Tractor Cab Enclosure - Models: BX2350, and BX24

    I have a Sims Cab for my BX, here is a thread on how I take it off in the Spring and put it on in the Fall.
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    Default Re: Hard cab for BX24

    Anyone built or installed a winter cab on their bx 24?

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    Default Re: Hard cab for BX24

    Quote Originally Posted by dokako View Post
    Anyone built or installed a winter cab on their bx 24?
    A cab would be nice for rain snow heat and cold.
    Do a search an C what you come up with.
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    Default Re: Hard cab for BX24

    several posts on this.

    curtis cab makes one that fits with ROPS conversion.

    sims sells one that fits in front of the rops with removable back for backhoe operation. i don't like the look of it, though. not enough windows for good visibility.

    several threads on various ways to build one yourself, though non of the "cheap" home made ones address keeping the front glass or plastic clean from precip and defrosted/defogged.

    you can build a shroud or something and get heat from the engine with a heater core and hoses, but you still need to be able to see out the front when it's raining/snowing if you have to be out in winter weather....

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    Default Re: Hard cab for BX24

    Just go for this Laurin cab.

    Should be big enough for you, and you can load it up with options so that you can keep it on the tractor all year long.

    Pretty sweet, huh? It's only money.
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    Default Re: Hard cab for BX24

    hmm what the cost for the laurin cab. Wish we had a ballpark 2008 prices of cabs from different manufacters. does anyone have prices for what they paid for thiers ?

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    Default Re: Hard cab for BX24

    I believe the Laurin cabs are around $5-6,000 They appear to be the best out there. kubota offered a factory cab for the BX series at one time (other than the TLB models) that was also around the same price and I believe also made by Laurin for Kubota.

    That was one of the reasons I purchased the B3030 cab model as the price difference between that and a BX with a quality hard cab at the time was not much different. Plus the B3030 cab had heat and air. The BX cabs I think have just heat as an option.
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