Our dealer has 2 used L48's TLB's taken in on trade for New M59's. One is in great shape and has 480 hours on it. Priced out at $27,500. 3pt with it
The other is a year old and has 118 hours on it. Priced at $31,000. it has a 24" and a new 12" bucket. The 12" bucket has never been used. And it also has the 3 pt with it.
Does these prices sound about right? I do know the one with 680 hours has been sitting on his lot for about 5 or 6 months. The other one a week.
Wonder how different pulling power will be from these over the M-4700 2 wheel drive I have? As i will also be using what ever I get to bushhog and do wildlife plots with also.