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    Default new guy first tractor

    currently considering the purchase of a L3540, 3940 or 4240 with a loader. I have a lake home and will need to maintain about 1/2 mile of gravel road including snow removal. Also will need to maintain a beach area and rip-rap. I will not be using it for any lawn mowing. I know very little about what options to get or what size would be appropriate. Dealer happy to sell me any of the three, i guess my concern is getting the proper setup not too big not too small but just right.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: new guy first tractor

    Welcome to TBN. I'll jump in with a couple of thoughts... others will certainly have more to say. First, the road maintenance issue is well within the ability of any of these models. We don't have much snow here in central NC, so I'll defer that topic to those who deal with it more often, but a box blade is probably your best weapon for otherwise maintaining a gravel road.

    I will add one more thing, based on what you said. When you used the term "rip-rap", I am guessing you mean coarse, 8"-12" rock from the quarry, to be used around your lake, embankments or in drainage locations. If that's correct, I'm going to suggest you look at the model with the strongest loader, which is the L4240 with the LA854 FEL. Those big nuggets are really tough to handle with the FEL, and I've found that you want all the curl and lifting strength you can get. A toothbar is also a must-have for this work, and you will find it takes some practice before you can work with rip-rap without feeling like a klutz.

    No doubt others will have more suggestions. Good luck with your plans!

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    Default Re: new guy first tractor

    Welcome to TBN. I agree with the Grand L series over the standard L series because of the Mid PTO and the possibility that you may want a front snow blower with that long of a driveway. I would get the rear remote hydraulics for top and tilt and this takes at least sets of remotes I would recommend the max at three sets this allows you to operate 3 double acting cylinders. Top and tilt takes two cylinders and the third remote could operate a grapple or a hydraulic snowblower discharge.

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    Default Re: new guy first tractor

    I think grandad4 has it nailed with the rip rap as any of the others will handle your other chores quite easily. Now if you are only going to do the rip rap once, you might want to rent something for that and go with the "smaller" tractor, just depends on your priorities. I really like the Grand L Series.
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    Default Re: new guy first tractor

    Excluding the riprap the smaller L or even a B model will do the jobs you've mentioned. One time jobs or rarely done jobs are often times better farmed out to someone with the best equipment for that one time or rare job. Can save money by not buying a bigger piece of equipment than one needs for 95% of their jobs. Boxblade will do road maintenance and add weight to tractor for FEL work and also load rear tires.
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    Default Re: new guy first tractor

    thanks all for your comments. I am leaning toward the L4240. I hope that i dont hurt anyone or anything as I learn to operate it

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    Default Re: new guy first tractor

    Quote Originally Posted by revilomd View Post
    thanks all for your comments. I am leaning toward the L4240. I hope that i dont hurt anyone or anything as I learn to operate it
    Buy large enough to get the job done easily. Nobody yet has complained that the tractor is too capable.

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