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    Default Hydraulic Top Link

    I'm adding some goodies to my new B3030cab and am considering a hydraulic top link. I've looked at the hydralink and see it's usefulness but it is not a hydraulic top link. I have all the pricing I need from my dealer and online to get everything I need. Now it is decision time and I need some more input. My main reason for doing it is due to how it is already a pain in the butt to get on and off the tractor each time I need to adjust it due to the cab doors. My other reason is I have noticed that I tend to leave the current setup, even if it isn't optimum, just to save my self from getting on and off. If I get it installed by my dealer my total cost is around $1,000 and it is going to take some convincing for my wife to buy into the idea. My main implements are tiller, cultivator, middle buster, rear blade, and box blade. Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Top Link

    You already see the advantages so some of the disadvantages:

    The adjustment length is much shorter and more limited than a standard top link. Standard top links can be bought with different body lengths for certain applications. However, there are longer hydraulic top links available. Measure your needs.

    If you add a Pat's quick hitch there will not be enough extension on the standard hydraulic top link to hook it up.

    They are quite heavy if that might be a concern. When not attached they should be supported.

    With the rear/box blade you may want to invest in the "Tilt" function as well. It is really handy and, since you'd have to do the plumbing for the "Top", the "Tilt" may be fairly economical as a package deal.
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