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    Default ? Selling L4610

    I may be getting into the commercial backhoe business, if I do I will be getting a kubota L48 TLB. Before I do that I will sell the Kubota L4610 that I bought new in June 2001. It has the Kubota loader, HST, two remotes, and a TNT kit. I realize that I have to price my own equipment and that in the end the value is what someone is willing to pay for it. It has about 240 hours on the meter, but is in excellent condition.

    Having said all that I would welcome suggestion about the proper price range. Perhaps some of you guys know of units similar to this that have been sold or bought.

    Thanks for any imput.


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    Default Re: ? Selling L4610

    I recently was qouted $22.1k for a new L4610 with FEL and R4's. Now all you have to do is figure out how to depreciate the hours. I once read $25 per hour, but that seemed high to me (assumes you would get 1000 hours from your tractor).

    My guess is 19k.

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    Default Re: ? Selling L4610

    Local dealer has a clean L4610HST, loader, aux valve, R4s with ~150 hours on it. He's asking $21k. And I think it has a new machine factory warranty on it.

    Don't know what the TNT adds to it, but this would give you an idea.


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    Default Re: ? Selling L4610

    Hey Hay, I still am considering downsizing my L48 to a removeable loader tractor like the L4610 or perhaps even one of these new 4630's or smaller. The L48 is a fantastic tractor, the loader has power and the hydrostatic drive is second to none. The fixed loader is proving to be quite awkward though for my heavy mowing uses now particulary around the 100 plus RainBird sprinkler heads I have, so much so that I have kept my old loaderless International and mow with it. While I don't have the hoe on my L48, it is completely ready to accept one, in fact, I'm sure one was attached to it prior to my purchase. I know a few folks with the L48 TLB (B being the hoe) and they love its smooth and powerful ability. Its my one regret in not being able to see my tractor perform with one. I have 127.5 hours on mine, the warranty expires in another month. When speaking to the kubota dealer I asked how important the warranty was in selling this tractor. Her comment was that if nothing major shows up in the first hours of use, their experience is that there will not be any componet that fails that either a warranty or out of warranty tractor will need. When I asked about a price, she said with low hours and most importantly a real clean tractor, you get top dollar because not only are they in demand, the new buyer pays no sales tax. Here in CA., thats 7.75% or around 2000 plus dollars saved versus buying new. As I recall your back East and I'm out West. If we were closer, we could possibly deal. Good Luck, Rat...

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