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    Default L5740HSTC-3 vs M5040HDC - Final Candidates!

    We are down to two final candidates. We are leaning towards the M version because 1.) We dont want to have to buy a larger stronger tractor any time soon. 2.) We were told by a sales person at New Holland who worked for kubota for 7 yrs that the L was the F150 and the M was the F250. 3.) We are told the M will pull better - we intend to pull a box blade and a disc on our kid atv/mx track.

    Any input would be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: L5740HSTC-3 vs M5040HDC - Final Candidates!

    I don't know about the F150-F250 analogy, but yes the M is more Ag oriented with the geared setup and heavier frame etc, but you have to ask yourself if you really need an Ag oriented tractor as opposed to the utility L5740. The L5740 is a pretty powerful tractor capable of a lot of work. TexasJohn uses a L5030 like mine on his 200 acre cattle ranch and others do a lot of work with the L Series. I pull a 7' box blade with my L5030 and it does not have the power of the L5740.

    I own a M8540 (my avatar) which replaced a Case CX80 because I need a more Ag oriented tractor on one of our farms and use it to pull a Woods DS1260 rotary cutter.

    From your description of your property and tasks, my choice would be the L5740 due to the ease of operation, (my wife drives ours), power and comfort. She will never be comfortable with the gears or shuttle shift though in time she will be able to move it from one place to the next, but will never work with it.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the M Series, but for loader work and such, I will take the Grand L any day. Now if you were doing a lot of heavy pulling and ground engagement equipment, different story.

    I hope I haven't confused you.
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    Default Re: L5740HSTC-3 vs M5040HDC - Final Candidates!

    You have some people here with many years experience operating equipment like this who are saying the L is a better choice for you. These people have no ax to grind regarding your decision... they are only giving an honest opinion about what would most likely work best for you. If that doesn't count for anything, maybe you should determine what the kubota salesman says about his own product line instead relying on the opinons of a competitor. That's like asking the Chevy salesman which Ford you should buy, to use a vehicular analogy. In the end, it's your decision and you can buy anything you want, but there is a consistent message here you seem to be reluctant to consider. I'm just saying...

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    Default Re: L5740HSTC-3 vs M5040HDC - Final Candidates!

    From the statesments in you post, I assume you are a novice user. The bigger the machinery, the harder it is is to transport, hook up, operate, get hurt, hurt someone else, etc. Have you spent time on each different sized tractor? Maybe even operated a friends tractor of similar size for a while? For mowing some field and grass and maintaining a dirt track I think a Grand L would be better sized. Here is a L3940 with a 6' bush hog in 6' tall weeds. I also use a 6' finish mower, and with this tractor size and HST, it is very manuverable and a pleasure to operate. The loader is not as strong as the M, but with patience, no pile of dirt has been left standing. The larger L's have an even stronger loader. Philip.
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    Default Re: L5740HSTC-3 vs M5040HDC - Final Candidates!

    Between these two options, the L5740HSTC is the clear winner, IMHO.
    It will do EVERYTHING you want to do, assuming it is 4 wheel drive/assist. You will love the cab.

    If not 4wd, reconsider.... 4wd is VERY significant when you are using ground engaging equipment.
    Joy is having the tools you need and needing the tools you have!

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    Default Re: L5740HSTC-3 vs M5040HDC - Final Candidates!

    Another L5030HSTC owner.

    The L is a powerful and very flexible (in terms of different tasking) tractor.

    If Texas John says it, you can bank on it.

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    Default Re: L5740HSTC-3 vs M5040HDC - Final Candidates!

    I have both a Grand L3940 ... and a Mule 610. So, obviously the two go hand-in-hand

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