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    Default B6100 and Backhoe Question...'s me again!

    I have a question, could a kubota B6100DT support a Woods Dual (not dual as in two, dual as in "do-all") 850 backhoe? I know it is a bit large for such a small tractor, but it would only be used occasionally. Can anyone tell me if it would work? Thanks.


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    Default Re: B6100 and Backhoe Question...

    I wouldn't try it on my B6100DT.
    I just went to the Woods website and their smallest current 3ph back hoe weighs 950lbs and is rated for 15 - 35HP. That's well over half the weight of the tractor and the tractor is only rated at 14HP. I don't know where the 850 would come in but it would have to be close.

    That combined with the many cautions I've read on this board and others against 3ph back-hoes in general would make me shy away.

    I think anything small enough for my B6100DT to handle would probably be too small to be effective.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    Default Re: B6100 and Backhoe Question...

    I agree with Bill and add the following:

    If you are only talking about occasional use, then renting a tractor with a backhoe or paying someone to come in and do the work would be cheaper in the short-term and probably cheaper in the long-term if you consider the potential damage to the small tractor.


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    I thought about a back hoe for my G 1800.. But i was told the bucket alone would crush the tractor. J/k. I have a B7100 It can barley run a 48 inch flail mower. So i strongly doubt it would run a small back hoe. And it a 7100 wont run it.. A 6100 would definatly have a hard time.


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    hi you can buy a backhoe for your tracter an it only weighs 450 lbs its a K- W manufacturing co inc in Sioux Falls South Dakota their # is 1-800-843-3720 they can help you good luck

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    Default Re: B6100 and Backhoe Question...

    Don't get too excited just because you CAN buy a backhoe that fits (450lbs/won't break your tractor). How much breakout force does that little hoe have? Certainly not more than the force required to pivot the lightweight tractor over on its rear tires. You would get very little useful work done unless you had very loose soil to move (and not very deep). Rent (or buy) a machine intended to dig when you need to dig, and be happy you have a bulletproof utility tractor for mowing and general chores.

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