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    Default Fair retail price of a 05 M6800dt (4X4)

    It only has 265Hrs. on it. Owner traded up to a Cab tractor because of breathing problems with hay dust. No dents,all the maintenance history. All services including the 50hr service have been done. No loader. Not a cab tractor.

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    Default Re: Fair retail price of a 05 M6800dt (4X4)

    Hard to figure but it is one fine and rugged tractor. I had an M8950 and wished I never sold it. You'll have to search Tractor House and Fastline and hope you get lucky with a price. Even then, it will only give you the price of a 5000 hour nothing special tractor.
    If you buy it, I have a front weight bracket, some weights and parts manuals available. Also might have original sales flyers for it as well.

    May I be the kind of person my dogs think I am,

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    Default Re: Fair retail price of a 05 M6800dt (4X4)

    Our local Credit Union has a "blue book" on tractor values (similar to NADA book for used cars) they use for determining what they will loan on a used tractor. I'd assume you bank has the same thing. Probably can check with your bank to get a retail and loan value. Would not stop me from paying more for the right machine or less for a "less than right machine" but would give you some ballpark information.

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    Default Re: Fair retail price of a 05 M6800dt (4X4)

    I normally do a search for the model of tractor that I'm questioning on the internet! Every area is different for values and it gives a great starting point.

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