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    Been looking at the B3300SU. Wnet by the dealer and he quoted me a price of $17,145 on the kubota web page pricing, it list for $19,247. Dealer quote is 11% below list. Has anyone purchased a 3300 lately? What does everyone think of the price the dealer gave?

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    Im buying the same tractor this week and getting it for $24,600 in NJ

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    I live in northeast PA and my B3300 was delivered two Saturdays ago (need to posts some pics when I get a chance). B3300 w/FEL, quick coupler, pallet forks, 60" bucket and loaded tires ran me $18673 before tax and insurance. I took the 0% for 5 years and there is also a $300 rebate on the FEL.

    What options are you getting? Just the tractor and FEL? Prices seems to be good. Lower is always better!

    It's a great little machine with lots of power. You will be happy with it!

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    I bought mine last September so prices have probably gone up since then but I got mine for $15,500 before tax with a 5 foot box blade and 0 % financing for 5 years. The dealer also added curise control and a drawbar for that price, which are not standard on the B3300SU. I worked on them pretty hard to get that deal which included me picking the tractor up at the dealer rather than them delivering it, but I thought I got a good deal on it. It worked out to about a 20% discount for me but it just depends on how bad your dealer wants to sell the tractor. September is kind of past the best selling time for tractors and I made the deal on the last day of the month so they may have been trying to make a sales target for the month. Anyway, you might be able to negotiate a slightly better deal than what they quoted you. By the way, I have 100 hours on mine now and love the little beast.

    Kubota B3300SU

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    I just got a quote on a B3300SU with FEL and BH76 w/ 12" bucket for $23,688 plus tax.
    -B3300 for $16,500
    -BH76 for $6,709

    GC1720 TLB

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    The quote was for the tractor w/FEL and 60" bucket. Thanks everyone for your replies.
    I really would like to have the pallet forks opition so I think I will
    see what the dealer can do. I was hoping with the economy being as it is the dealers would be making some great deals on these tractors.
    I have never owned a kubota before so this will be a first. Nice to hear that
    everyone likes theirs.

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    I couldnt live with out it.

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