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    Hi, I am new, please have mercy on me. I have been considering the BX series to replace my lawn tractor and I have concerns about the turning radius and how easy it gets around things in the yard. What is the "uncut" turning radius for the 54" and 62" decks? I have 92 acres and I thought this would be a handy little tractor to have around.

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    You should go to a dealer and take a test ride. My bx-1500 turns as well or better than my old Yard Man.

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    I just mowed for the first time with my BX22. I don't know the exact turning radius; however, with a 60'' mmm, I didn't have alot of trimming to finish. I mowed 4 acres and have several fences and an apple orchard to mow around. The 60' deck protudes from the tractor enough to get close to the fence and trees. I have noticed others on TBN say the 54' mmm doesn't protrude enough to get close. I could get around the trees in 2, sometimes 3, passes and would be easier if I take the FEL off which I will do next time I mow. The roll bar(ROPS) hinges down which helps to get under tree limbs. I did take the BH off which is extremely easy. This doesn't answer your exact question but hope it helps.

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    I have a 54" on my BX-1500 and due to the narrower frame it projects 6" - 8" maybe. The 48" on the 1500 is only a couple inches. I can measure it when I remount the mower.

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    There are several older threads on this. I meausred mine and posted it more than once but now I forget the exact number. The BX turning radius is actually very good. The 60 in MMM is the only deck to consider unless you have very narrow gates. The 60 has a smaller uncut circle and trims closer than the 54. J

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    The uncut radius has some importance, but being able to manouver the tractor counts for a lot. I have a B7500HST with a RFM. My trees, flower beds, etc are all surrounded by mulch. The smallest "mulch circle" is about 18". The technique I use involves aiming the left side of the tractor at the obstruction, then swerving around it to the right, so the deck follows around the obstruction. On the next trip around, I do the same thing with the right side of the tractor, and go around the obstruction to the left. One thing that's not mulched around is a tetherball pole. That requires making passes at 90 to the normal mowing direction to get the last little bit of grass..................chim

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