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    Default 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?


    I'm new to tractor buying (I've used farmalls and several fords before) and am in the market for a tractor to plow, disc, till and mow less than 5 acres. At first I figured I'd just go with a ford 3000, but then I kept running into these compact utility tractors that seemed to better fit my needs (although they don't seem any cheaper... if anything more expensive). I know kubota is a quality brand and am willing to pay the extra dough.

    Now, I feel like I need at least mid 20's HP in order to do some tilling. I don't want something that is barely enough to utilize a 4" tiller. It seems that a 25 horse will do that, right?

    Second, I've found a 1994 Kubota 2wd, L2350 for $5500. It has 500 hours, has been garaged (in great shape) and comes with a 6' blade and 6' finishing mower. Is this a good price? Seems like the value drops drastically for the 2wd models.

    Do I need a 4wd? It seems that almost ALL of these compact tractors are 4wd so it makes me wary to buy a 2wd one. I've used larger 2wd tractors and don't see myself needing the 4wd on this particular property. I'm not going to be tilling in the mud and there aren't a whole lot of slopes.

    Let me know what you all think. Thanks!


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    Default Re: 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?

    One thing you have to remember is that with small light tractors, 2wd is not as effective. But you mentioned flat ground and working in good conditions, all to the good. With older heavier 2wd Ag tractors they are more effective in 2WD because they have the weight and larger tires too.
    The small tractors make up for this lack of traction to some extent by having 4WD. I know I will never own another 2WD tractor, but a full size 2wd tractor can be effective on flat ground and may be all you would ever need. As for the small 2wd tractor, in my mind it is a distant maybe.. Perhaps some others that have owned something similar would care to comment.

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    Default Re: 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?

    The L2350 has 20.5 pto hp. A 6' mower is a bit much, you would really need to stay on top of the grass and mow often, not letting it get too tall. I guess you could mow at a slower pace and take partial cuts if it gets too tall, depends on how much time and patience you have. Also, it weighs 2200 pounds. Do you plan to pull a single bottom plow? I have a Ford 8N, but with loaded tires, it weighs 3000 pounds, and that makes a huge difference when pulling a 2x14" plow or a 7' blade moving snow. Now that I have a 4wd L3940, the 8N does not move snow, as the 4wd L3940 is just that much better. Tough decisions. Good luck. Philip.
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    Default Re: 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?

    4WD, 30HP if you will be running a 5' tiller. I run a 5.5' tiller with my B7800 and I can tell that is the limit. If you are going to use a loader you definitely want 4WD.
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    Default Re: 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?

    I think the price on that 50 series kubota isn't bad, BUT, I would recommend you get a 4wd compact. As James said, it isn't as much of an issue with a larger tractor, due to the weight and ground clearance. Personally, I might consider a 2wd compact if I were just using it for finish mowing...... but for most anything else, no way I would do without 4wd.

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    Default Re: 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?

    If all you are going to do is till and mow on flat ground, 2WD will work. Like others have stated 4WD is a big help if using a FEL or pulling ground engaging tillage like mold board plow or disc, etc.

    How many acres of land have been mowed and tilled with 2WD mowers like JD 318's, Wheel Horse, etc.
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    Default Re: 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?

    All have stated good points about the 2wd vs 4wd. I too will never own another 2wd .... but living in snow country it really is mandatory to have 4x4. Another point that is the resale is so much better .... 2wd are just harder to sell.
    Just my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?

    You can do all that with the right 2WD, but in my opinion the kubota is not that tractor.
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    Default Re: 2wd or 4wd Kubota? Compact or not?

    The only time I use 4WD is when doing loader work in dirt. For everything else 2WD works fine for me. I don't use the 4WD for snow. I have found that tire chains are a lot better for snow than 4WD.
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    I have a 2wd L4300, which is about twice the hp and twice the weight (with a FEL) as the tractor you're considering. I do not have the tires loaded and often operate with little or no weight on the back, and I live on a big hill. I have found that there are times when (I imagine) having 4wd would make my tasks easier, but I have never been unable to do what I set out to do. A couple times I have just had to change my approach. My next tractor will have 4wd for the times I'm trying to drive my trailer uphill in reverse or have something really heavy on the FEL. But for me it's not a deal breaker, and I live on a pretty good hill. My dad has only 2wd tractors on flat land and he laughs at me when I tell him I want 4wd on my next one.

    Does it have ag tires? I'm still fairly new to tractors, but I bet if you load tires (ags) you'll be more than fine.
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