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    Default B7800 B2910 or L3130 Decisions Decisions

    Down to the wire on buying a rental return. Gentlemans farm with 4H steers, horses, and goats. Pasture needs mowing (7 acres on a 15 acre parcel some hills), fire clearance, postholes dug, stalls cleaned, manure moved and some light grading. I like the size of the 7800 and 2910 but see only little difference in their specs (3 cyl vs 4 cyl, transmission). Afraid of buying too big and then unable to use around the tight fit of a barn. Any words of wisdom?

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    Both the B7800 and B2910 use the same engine - V1505-E-D16 which are 30hp. The B2920 has several nice features which are cruise control. ratchet-type 3-pt lift rod, telescopic lower link ends, telescopic tilt steering wheel, deluxe seat with parallel suspension, mid-pto standard, and position control 3-pt hitch. MSRP B2910HSD-R $16780 w/ag tires. MSRP B7800HSD-R (no mid-pto) $13999 w/ag tires, and MSRP B7800HSD-F (with mid-pto) $14299 w/ag tires. For your use as you described, the smaller tractors would better suit your need.

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    I was in your shoes a month or so ago. Do you have an option to buy either as rental returns? If their prices are somewhat equal, I would jump on the B2910.

    I bought mine new and the price difference can be substantial. I liked the added features so went with the B2910.

    As I have read from TBN, it really comes down to the price.

    "I like the size of the 7800 and 2910 but see only little difference in their specs (3 cyl vs 4 cyl, transmission)."

    the B2910 and B7800 have the same engine, body frame, and power train. I have read from the TBN that some owners found B7800 with folding ROPS and Cruise Control.

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    Response to your price question:

    B 7800 with loader $14000
    B 2910 with loader $16200
    L3130 GST with loader $16370

    All have 0% financing and 3 year warranty

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    Default Re: B7800 B2910 or L3130 Decisions Decisions

    I looked at those tractors and went with the L3130. You'll get more tractor with the L3130 assuming its not to wide/big for your stalls/barn etc..

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    Your place is very similar to mine. I have 18 acres and am in the process of turning the ex-cattle pasture into something I can be proud of.
    I went with the L3130 HST for several reasons (delivery is Thursday). I felt that once I cross fence the property, my largest pasture will be 5 or so acres. By rotating the stock, I'll only need to mow one pasture at a time. With that in mind the L3130 will handle the mowing chores with ease. If in the future I get a chance to purchase the 18 acre tract behind mine, then I'll still have enough tractor.
    The L3130 isn't a large tractor, but it is bigger than some of the other compacts. It is a consideration. In my case, I haven't built the barn yet, so I'll just need to make sure the tractor fits when I do.
    My suggestion to you is to test drive each of the tractors. I was amazed at how tight the turn radius was on the L3130. That combined with power steering, tilt steering wheel, 4WD, HST, and R4 tires gave me a package that will make the farm "chores" more enjoyable.
    Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide.

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    Default Re: B7800 B2910 or L3130 Decisions Decisions

    Last year when i purchased I moved up from the 2910 to the L3010. I drove both and compared turning radius's of each on marked pavement. It shocked me how close the 3010 was to the 2910 for turning. 3010 is bigger, I was concerned about the extra weight. Turns out the weight and extra width is a major plus. This tractor is so stable on hills. I have R4's loaded which also helps. At first, I was afraid it was to big for the mowing chores and all, but the more I use it the more I know I made the right decision. I was lucky though, the 3130 wasn't out yet, but kubota had a 700 dollar rebate on the 3010. Brought the price down within a couple hundred of the 2910.
    Good luck with your decision.
    Moon of Ohio

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