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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TripleR View Post
    Yep and the 2WD F Series; he hasn't had an M yet...

    Based on another thread though I am thinking something with a back hoe.
    I second this one.
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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    Or one of theseThe siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!-kubotahoe-jpg

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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    I agree I think the geared B tractor and the 2WD F series will be leaving the Thomas fleet. I think JT is buying a cabbed model side by side or a HST B series. Cause winter is coming and it is cold in the open 4 seat side by side.

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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    or maybe hes getting a new F series the big one with a cab the A/C heater 4wd new 100" flex deck.
    I saw one of those in use the other day made me jealous as all get out while I was sitting on my open seat in the 95 degree heat
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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    I bet Barlow's has a portrait of John Thomas on their showroom wall in a prominent location......If they don't they are ingrates....

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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    I have a tractor disease. There is no cure. I'm not even dealing with the symptoms very well! Geez, John, I think we have had this discussion before. Way to go John!

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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    I think a HST B series...

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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    Is it a M135X? I don't think you've owned a M series and if you think about it there's a slight chance that it'll be just a hair too big so you could trade it in for number 15.
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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    OK. The B2320 "GEARED" with a bit over 20 hours will be at Barlows for sale and the BX25 with a bit over 150 hours will be at Barlows for sale.
    Got to have a BH after owning one and got to have HST sooooooo. Concern about plastic fan and still some concern about ground clearance and back to one tractor to cover home and rental property needs and a tractor without a FEL is well unthinkable and the new tractor will be mostly for maintaining my several years of bigger landscaping jobs and of course the front bucket will need a hook installed in the center of the bucket and Steve doesn't recommend weighted tires with BH which will be on all the time unless another 3ph implement is on the tractor and of course I'm an I/R4 tire man for other than mowers and this tractor will not be used as a mower since I'll keep both F's. Well the B model I picked to fulfill my needs and requirements is, oh yeah, done had a L3240HST which was to big (scary) for my hillside property eliminates anything above a B. Hummm for only $500 difference between the B models I'm thinking I'm going to change my selection to the ........well, I'll wait till I get back from Barlows this evening because who knows what other options I've not considered....yet.
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    Default Re: The siren call got me to Barlows this morning!!!

    after reading this thread- you sir- are one of a kind. No one ever can replace you. I am slightly shaking my head and smiled since it fits your style. As for trying to follow kubota recommendation on not loading tires because of BH is a big mistake IMHO. you stated you have a hilly area and I think you should load them just for safety to lower COG. Actually, On a second thought- why not get it unloaded at first and the report how it feels for about 50-100 hours and then report back and load the tires and then tell us what you think if it really true for loading tires on a hillside.

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