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    Default Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    New guy here looking for some new tractor buying opionions. I am not new to tractors but I am ready to purchase a new one. It has gotten old having to work on the tractor 2 hours to do 3 hours worth of work.

    I was hoping to get some info on these tractors but let me start over. My father has alot of different tractors but I am ready to own one myself (tired of borrowing). I primarily use a Ford 2000 and 3000 for brush hogging roads and fields, discing wildlife food plots, boxblade for woods road maintenance, and various, lesser used implements for specific things (subsoiler, middle buster, spike harrow, etc). All work is done either at my house (1 acre), at our farm (117 acres),or at my fathers' place (20 acres). I have been looking at new tractors for over a year and have decided on kubota. The dealer is awesome with good prices and excellent service. I went to the dealership thinking the Grand L3940 4WD was the perfect size (more hp than the 2000 and less than the 3000) and got a good price. The salesman asked if I had lookes at the L4600 4WD; I had not. He said it was more hp but was more of a basic tractor that didn't give up much performance. Looking at the specs, the biggest difference is the pump doesn't have as much volume flow and the lift won't pick up quite as much. I am concerned about the L series jerky 3pth as this would not make me happy. I can only afford to purchase once soI needto get it right the first time. I was quoted the following prices, all with gear drive transmissions:

    L 4600 4WD = $17,800
    L 3940 4WD = $20,800
    L 3240 4WD = $18,400

    I loved the way the 4600 operated and was set up but no more than the other two. The price was the cheapest but it was really a little more hp than I was looking for (not always a bad thing). As far as pto hp goes, I think I will be good either way as a 5 foot brush hog is what I run and I will be purchasing a 6 foot finishing mower with the tractor. Our implements will work with pretty much any of the tractors (I think) as the box blade is 6 foot and the scrape blade is 6 foot.

    I am looking for opinions on any of the above mentioned tractors and also if I am wrong about running the implements I have.

    I am thinking I should probably go with my original intention and just get the L 3940 because it is in the middle on power but the right size for me.

    Please advise......


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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    All great tractors and all will do the work you need. Was me, I'd get the L4600 and save a few bucks, but that's just me...

    I've not heard anyone complain about jerky hitch with the new L4600. My L3800 isn't jerky either.

    Your attachments will be fine. Just pick the one you like best.
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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    I purchased a new L4600 a couple of weeks ago and I am very happy with it.
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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    I would go with a grand L, I love the auto throttle advance and the dual speed hydro. You will have to get it home and use it before you really appreciate the dual speed hydro but it keep you from having to change ranges. You can put it in MED-LOW and do about anything with it and then you can switch it to MED-HIGH and run almost 9mph. The grand l has a better 3PH, telescopic lift arms and stabilzers. Have you looked at a L4240, it is the first one for the LA854 loader. I would at least go with the L3940 because it is the smallest one with a 4 cylinder engine. You will probaly want a 6ft rotary cutter for the 3940 so it will as wide as the tires and you will want a 7ft blade so when you angle it, it will be wider than the tires.

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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    I was in the same place you are and went with the L3940 and have no regrets whatsoever. I do pretty much everthing you listed and I'm very satisfied.

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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    Of the one's you mention, go with the grand, hands down. It's a great tractor with all kinds of neat features you'll appreciate for years. With such wide open spaces, is there any reason you aren't looking at the M series? It would certainly be more comfortable with more weight and bigger footprint. Where are you in MS? I have a 3940 HST+ with 300 hrs and FEL I'll sell you for the same price.

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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    I looked at buying a L4600. I realy liked the tractor. After testing two, I discovered that both had the jerky hitch problem. That in itself was a deal breaker for me. I ended up buying a L3240. If I could afford the L3940 I would have bought it. The 3240 is a nice tractor, but I would have liked a little more HP. My tractor was a year old (NOS) so I was able to get a good deal on it. It has a glide shift trans. Frankly I would prefer a manual trans over the GST.
    Some members report that their L3800, or L4600 tractors don't have jerky hitch problems. I am happy, that they were able to find ones that worked as they should. I tested several L3800, L4400, and L4600, and they all were jerkey. I am disappointed that kubota would make such a great tractor and spoil it by not fixing that problem. IMHO, because of this, a GL was the only way to go, unless I changed brands.

    Happy shopping, Bill

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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    If it makes a difference to you I think the L4600 is made in Thailand and the other two you mentioned are made in Japan. Makes a difference to some and not to others. That is Thailand not Taiwan. I've seen folks confuse the two. I would imagine (but don't know) that the engine on the L4600 is still made in Japan.

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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    I have no doubt the L4600 is nice and capable tractor, I have seen posts by new owners and looked at them on the kubota website. I however picked the Grand L for the added features such as the HST+, I also liked the extendable lower links, tilt steering and the way the cruise control works. I needed more power and size, so I got the 5740, but all Grand L's are equipped the same. It does take a while to fully appreciate all the features on the HST+ and I use some only occasionally, but I use the dual range every time I use my tractor.

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    Default Re: Kubota L4600, L3240, L3940

    Quote Originally Posted by Skintback View Post
    I am concerned about the L series jerky 3pth
    FYI... thats never been an issue on this series. Thats L2800-3400-3200-3800. They are a totally different tractor. The L4400 - L4600 are derived from the older Grand L-30 series. Its basicly a grand L30 w/o rubber floor mats.

    That said, unless you need the HP the L3940 is a much more feature rich tractor.

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