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I think to answer your question you would need to price out how much it would cost to build each tractor. Of course we don't know the prices of parts but we can make a couple of assumptions. First the engine and all of it's components are about equal in cost. Even though the M is larger the labor (time) to assemble both must be about the same. So the transmission, extra steel, and extra features of the GL are really the only things that would create a difference between the two. Is the loader valve included with the M or is it part of the loader package?
On the M series, the loader valve is priced separately when using the Build Your Own tool on kubota's website, but it is automatically included when you select the loader. It gives you the option to select the standard or SL version. I guess you would say it was included in the loader package, just priced separately since you have the option to get the SL version if you want.